Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant in Dakar

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant in Dakar is closed. Thanks to all those who were a part of this great experience. Sihin Solomon Belay, the restaurant's founder, moved from Dakar and no longer operates it or has any stake in it. What follows are the original original website, which is not operated by the current owner.


Welcome to Sihin Solomon's Rooftop Ethiopian Restaurant. Enjoy delightful rooftop dining under tents beneath the stars...

WIFI now available

Click here to find Sihin's restaurant on Google Maps

LOCATION: Pointe E, Rue Louga (Rue A, sometimes known as Rue Abdoulaye Wade), Road 3.

DIRECTIONS:  From the corniche, turn at the roundabout where Place de Souvenir is located and continue straight until you come to the main intersection. On the left will be Hotel de Relais. On the right, on the other side of the intersection on the corner, will be a gas station and a few small fast food shops. Keep straight and go through this intersection. Lalibela is about 100 meters down the road on the left side.

HOURS: Open daily except Sundays. Open for lunch (10am to 3pm) and dinner (6:30pm to 11:30pm).
For reservations or directions, please call: 77 510 1569 or 33 825 4769 or 77 272 1912.

WIFI:  Is now available, and free. 

DAYTIME CAFE: Our downstairs, daytime cafeteria is now open from 10am to 3pm, with free WIFI and an assortment of coffees on offer (Latte, Iced Latte, Machiato, Cappuccino, etc.).

ONE ROOM TO RENT: For US Peace Corps members and university students, we also have a single room to rent. 

RESERVATIONS: 77 510 1569, or 33 825 4769.